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Welcome to Georgetown University’s undergraduate Journalism Program. Need to get in touch with us? Want to share an internship, scholarship, fellowship or job posting? Please email us at We are happy to put the information on our program Twitter feed. A more detailed description of classes can be found here.

Fall 2020 Courses

The Georgetown Journalism Program is excited to welcome students back to the Hilltop this fall! Scroll through our list of journalism courses that will be offered during the Fall 2020 semester.

  • JOUR 100: Intro to Journalism

This course provides students an overview of the basics of journalism, from recognizing the elements of accurate, verified content to learning to gather facts through skillful interviewing and research to develop and write a compelling, impactful story.

  • JOUR 200: Digital News

Students will receive practical instruction in online news writing and multimedia news production — including photography, videography, podcasting, infographics, email newsletters and more. 

  • JOUR 377: Govt-Media Relations Digital Age

The relationship between the government and media has changed significantly as communications technology allows each side to convey information. This course tries to make sense of this environment and explore potential solutions. 

  • JOUR 378: Pop Culture, Race and the Media

Understanding the intersection of race and pop culture is vital to successfully covering what makes Hollywood tick. From #OscarSoWhite to the Kardashians’ cultural appropriation, this course will examine the ways that race, racial identity and racism infiltrate all aspects of the entertainment industry.

  • JOUR 384: Visual Storytelling

Video Storytelling will examine commercial production, documentary production, news production, and non-narrative storytelling in one creative, hands-on class. Students will learn to use professional cinema cameras and editing systems to learn how to capture the viewer’s attention through compelling sequences, shots, lighting styles, creative audio and story structure.

  • JOUR 390: Covering the Economy

This course will help students better understand the U.S. economy, its vast significance in people’s lives, and the basics of how to cover it. Students will have the opportunity to explore the real-world impacts of economic and business policies and events, both past and present.

  • JOUR 401: Political Journalism

This class will explore what it means to report truthfully and effectively about politics, politicians and campaigns. Students will learn about polling, fundraising, social media, opposition research and disinformation, with a focus on the most important race of the moment: the presidential election. This course will feature guest speakers who are among the nation’s most distinguished political journalists.

About the Program

The Journalism Program offers a Journalism minor, not a major. The minor provides a bridge between a liberal arts education and the practice of journalism, which contributes to democracy by informing citizens and promoting public discourse. 

The program teaches the essential skills of good journalism: critical thinking, research and investigation, clear expression, and storytelling in every form. It explores the journalist’s duty to the truth, public and private ethics, the pressures of a changing media ecosystem, and all the other challenges that face the modern reporter, editor, critic, essayist and public intellectual.

The minor’s interdisciplinary approach highlights a commitment to public affairs, international issues and social change. The minor encourages real-world experience, includes a required internship, and aims to enhance students’ opportunities in journalism and related fields.

Combining traditional commitments to accuracy, fairness and accountability with a passion for new media experimentation, the minor prepares students for careers in a changing media environment and complements a wide variety of major fields of study.

Director: Los Angeles Times reporter and columnist Doyle McManus brings experience from his work as a foreign correspondent, White House correspondent, and Washington bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times, where he continues to write weekly columns. He can also be found on PBS’s “Washington Week” and NPR.

Assistant Director:  Ann Oldenburg began her career at The Washington Post and spent more than two decades at USA Today.  She joined Georgetown as a lecturer in 2016. 

The journalism minor, founded by Barbara Feinman Todd, author and professor emerita, launched in the fall of 2012. On the rest of this site, you will find program information, resources, internship listings and the Journalism Program’s own alumni stories.

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