Success Stories: Class of 2006

David Kenner

A half-decade out of Georgetown, and I’ve managed to fill up all the pages of my passport. After graduation, I spent the next two years in Beirut — a locale that is never lacking in stories for a young journalist to cover. After returning to the States, I worked as an intern, then as an assistant editor, and now as an associate editor at Foreign Policy magazine in Washington DC. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to land in order to cover this amazing period in the Middle East’s history. At FP, it has been my job to commission and edit stories related to the revolutionary tumult in the region for our daily website and our print magazine. And in the next month or so, I’m leaving my desk to get back in the thick of things: I’m moving to Cairo, where I will work for FP to bring new writers and voices to our pages, and do some reporting of my own.

None of this would have been possible without the wonderful guidance provided by Georgetown, and Barbara’s journalism class. Without them, I would likely be toiling away as a lawyer somewhere, perish the thought. Take her class!