Success Stories: Class of 2010

Shira Hecht

Shira Hecht graduated from Georgetown in May 2010 as an English major, with a minor in Linguistics. When asked to reflect on her years at Georgetown and her journalism career she wrote: “I went to Georgetown because I wanted to go to Georgetown; I didn’t know what I would be doing after. I can still remember the moment I knew exactly what I should be doing with my life: I was working on a story for the Georgetown Voice, backstage at a theatrical production. I was interviewing actors and directors, talking about the work they were doing. I knew what I wanted to do: write. And I knew I could do it.
“I wrote for the Georgetown Voice for all four years of my undergraduate career, and was an assistant editor and editor of the leisure section. My love of writing and journalism was nurtured by the Voice community, as well as by the great Barbara Feinman Todd, who taught a class I took my senior year, while interning at The New Yorker. Upon graduation, I started working at CEO Update, a business publication serving CEOs and senior staff at associations and nonprofits. I am an editorial associate, responsible for copyediting, proofing, writing, ad coordination, administration, website management and a variety of other things in a very small office.”

Danielle Post

I graduated from Georgetown in 2010 with a degree in English and a minor in Theology. During my senior year I took Barbara Feinman Todd’s Intro to Journalism course and enjoyed the assignments and listening to all of the speakers who visited the class. In the end, though, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to pursue a career in journalism. Barbara suggested I look into the summer-long Columbia University Publishing Course (CPC) and coincidentally the director, Lindy Hess, was visiting Georgetown that same week. I applied and was accepted for the June 2010 – August 2010 session.

CPC was a great crash course in the publishing industry, teaching students all of the basics of book and magazine publishing. The Course also teaches interviewing skills and provides valuable connections throughout the industry. Not to mention the fact that by the end of the summer you’ve spent a lot of time with 100 other students who will become your industry colleagues and great friends in the coming years.

The course ended in August 2010 and a couple weeks later I started working at Penguin Group USA in the Penguin Speakers Bureau (PSB). At PSB, I handle paid speaking engagements for a small group of Penguin authors. I also maintain the department finances and contribute to our website and social media. At the corporate level, I have collaborated on several company-wide content development projects. Overall I’ve really enjoyed my time in publishing and at Penguin.

Will Sommer

Will Sommer graduated from the School of Foreign Service in 2010. When asked what is more fun than reporting he answers, “Very little! And I can’t think of a better place to learn it than Georgetown. There’s competition between student papers, neighborhood and student association intrigue, and a new crop of freshman malfeasance to cover every year. Plus, Washington has so many outlets that you can easily get a fall or spring internship.”
“Then there’s Professor Barbara Feinman Todd’s Media Techniques class, which tried to make me actually actually employable before graduation. After taking it, I’ve written for the Washington City Paper about porn kings and takeovers of subsidized housing units. Now I run one of AOL’s Patch sites in Fairfax County, covering everything about living in Kingstowne, Virginia.”