Success Stories: Class of 2011

Juliana Brint

Juliana Brint graduated from the School of Foreign Service in 2011 as a Western European Regional Studies major with a minor in Jewish Civilization. When Juliana started writing news articles and editorials for the Georgetown Voice at the beginning of her freshman year, she was hooked. Juliana held a number of leadership positions at the Voice in the rest of her time at Georgetown, including blog editor and editor-in-chief. While at Georgetown Juliana had the chance to take a number of great journalism classes, including the Pearl Project.

After graduation she continued to help with the Pearl Project as a research assistant. As an undergrad Juliana also interned with Washington City Paper and wrote for AOL’s local news network, Patch. During her senior year, Juliana wrote a thesis on coverage of Jews in the Italian media.

Cara Maresca

Cara Maresca is a cross-media producer for, where she is responsible for identifying and supporting new and existing relationships with business partners, vendors, clients, and management.

Monica McNutt

When I entered Georgetown I had this notion that I would study in the school of Nursing and Health Studies and become a physical therapist. After that was quickly shot down due to the reality of collegiate athletics, it was psychology, until my first psych class. I graduated from Georgetown with an English degree in 2011, and a newfound affection for sports journalism. After a captivating run to the Sweet Sixteen, combined with an incredible internship at NBC 4, sprinkle in some real reporting for my Media Techniques course, I knew I’d found my career field.

Immediately after graduation I started doing on camera work for CTV and Verizon Fios 1 Sports, small regional channels. I started writing an advice blog, which targets high school athletes pursuing collegiate careers called Transition Game for the Washington Post. I get to mix my voice and experiences with reporting on the climate of high school athletics to help kids and their parents better navigate the path to collegiate athletics and I love it. It’s some of the most rewarding writing I’ve done up to this point in my career. Every time I get an email or someone tells me they enjoyed a piece I wrote I’m doing a happy dance on the inside; it’s ignited my desire to make it big in this business. I’ve also done some freelance sports reporting for the Northwest Current.

Most recently, I was accepted into the Phillip Merrill School of Journalism at the University of Maryland; where I will study broadcast journalism as a graduate student in 2012.

Colleen Leahey

Colleen Leahey graduated from the College in 2011 with a double major in Government and English. Originally interested in attending law school, Colleen changed her mind after participating in the Villa’s Reading and Writing seminar the summer before her junior year. She went on to write a relationship column for The Hoya and interned at Rodale, Inc.,, and The New Yorker’s DC bureau.

Colleen began as a reporter at Fortune magazine the Monday after graduation. Initially, she worked heavily on the digital side, creating social pages for Fortune’s Most Powerful Women brand and writing for the website. With time, her role expanded to include writing for the magazine and working with Fortune’s business side to develop new initiatives for Fortune’s Most Powerful Women franchise. Colleen now focuses on digital, print, and live media — the division of Fortune that includes the annual Most Powerful Women Summit; guests have ranged from IBM CEO Ginni Rometty to Secretary Hillary Clinton to Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett (one of the few male attendees). Colleen has interviewed business personalities like Lululemon CEO Christine Day, former Girl Scouts CEO Frances Hesselbein, and Chelsea Handler. She writes about entrepreneurship and leadership for Fortune.

Colleen is eager to help other Hoyas interested in journalism. Feel free to contact her with questions of any kind.

To contact Colleen, please email her at