Welcome to the website for Georgetown University's journalism courses and undergraduate minor in Journalism, which launched in the fall of 2012. Here you will find program information, resources, internship listings and the Journalism Program's own student news desk.

The Journalism minor, housed in the University's English Department, offers Georgetown students an opportunity to practice journalism and explore critical literacy and scholarly critique in the field of journalism. Combining an old school dedication to ethics and truth-telling with today's new media, multi-platform approach, the minor enhances students’ understanding of journalism's quickly changing topography. The program’s interdisciplinary approach enables students to combine a passion for storytelling with a commitment to social justice; cutting edge classes such as the Pearl Project give students the opportunity to acquire valuable investigative and analytical skills. For students drawn to cultural journalism, the Gallagher Family Fund Initiative enables the journalism program to offer opportunities that speak to these interests.

This minor complements a vast array of major fields of study across the College. It enhances future career opportunities by documenting their dedication to academic and professional achievements in college. The Journalism minor provides invaluable education and training in critical thinking, reporting and writing, knowledge that will serve them well no matter what career path they choose following graduation.